The One and Only Rule Of Social Media: Content is King!

Are you working hard for your brand’s image on social media? Are you spending a huge chunk of your marketing budget on photoshop guys, photographers and people good at Google Images to make your Facebook pages and twitter accounts engaging? If your answer is yes, then here is a moment of realization: It’s not gonna work! What’s gonna work is GOOD CONTENT AND NOTHING BUT GOOD CONTENT, invest in ‘thinkers’!!

As a part of social media experiments we keep conducting on different pages we manage and provide service for, we tried to see how good content can drive your brand image on Facebook and directly improve your engagement with your fans.


Facebook Insights

Have you seen those before and after hair lose solution or weight loss pictures in regional newspapers? You’re gonna see something like that only, but in context of Social Media !

Here is a Facebook page with poor engagement rate and reach… the page managed to reach just above 100 people around May 28th.

agape creative communications blog content is king

Before Content

Enter: Content!

agape creative communications blog content is king


And see the magic!

agape creative communications blog content is king

After Content (BOOM)

Now do you believe content is king? No! You should ask was your content really good? And how do measure the ‘goodness’ of your content? Here is the answer!

agape creative communications blog content is king

Good Content

The picture above shows the reach, engagement and virality rate of content shared on June 1st. It is a very narrow vision of measuring your overall page’s goodness, yet it proves everything you would want to know about a particular content/post.

We, at agape, believe in sharing content that not only reaches mass, but also touches mass! We wish to revolutionize Indian brands’ image on Social Media with creative and appealing content and to achieve the same, we keep speculating our efforts using data to make our service better.

Here is an interesting article on how to effectively measure your content and content strategy in depth:

We hope you enjoyed our first blog! 🙂

Please feel free to share your thoughts and social media queries with us in comments! 🙂

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